Wax Hardwood Floors

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How to wax your hardwood floors

Your hardwood floors do need some special care. Although day can last for a lifetime, if thay aren’t maintained properly you can have a lot of problems on your hands. Waxing youur floor is an absolute must. The benefits of a properly waxed floor are numerous. Besides being a perfect protection for the floor, wax gives that gorgeous shine and gloss we all adore. Process of waxing is, unfortunately, a long a tiresome one. If you don’t have a professionasl help, you will have to spend a few days just doing that. Before you start the job, you will have to remove the old wax. If the process of stripping is done right, 50% of the whole job is finished. To wax your floor perfectly, just follow these simple tips.

  1. Sweep and mop

After your floor has dried completly after the process od stripping, you can move to the next phase. Before you do anything else, you will have to make your floors as clean as possible. Use dust mop to pick up everything from your floor. Any small particles you don’t get off the floor wil get caught in the wax.

  1. Mop bucket and a garbage bag

Use a garbage bag to line your mop bucket. Fill the bag with the floor wax.

  1. Wax on the mop

If you have a flat wax aplicator mop you can just pour some wax disrectly on it. Your mop should not be dry or dripping. Make sure it is damp with wax.

  1. Waxing

Apply wax on the small areas on the floor. If you try to wax large area all at once, you will probably miss some spots. Work your way from the end of the room to the doors.

  1. Wait

Wait for the floor to dry completely before you add any additional layers. The process of dry should take about half an hour.