How to strip a hardwood floor

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How to strip a hardwood floor

The importance of waxing your floor at least once a year cannot be stressed enough. Firstly, wax protects your floor. It prevents all those liquid spills, that keep on ending up on your floor, from getting soaked up. Once you’ve done your waxing, you won’t have to worry about mopping again. Secondly, wax creates a non-slip surface.And the last, but not the least,  wax adds that gorgeous shine we all love. Calling professionals to help you with waxing is always the best choice, especially if you want to wax a larger floor space. If you, on the other hand, insist on doing the job by yourself, you need to have some basic knowledge about floors and waxing. Carpet Cleaning can help you with that. Before you start waxing you need to remove the old wax. To strip your floor perfectly just follow these simple tips.



You need to know if the floor has already been treated. You may want to was the floor that has already been treated, because its surface usually wears down and becomes dirty. Try to determinate the type of product that was used before. Was is a natural product, while the finish is a synthetic one.Before you do anything else, make sure to remove all heavy furniture. Vacuum or mop your floor to remove all debris and dust from the area you want to treat. Chemicals in stripping solutions can be dangerous for your skin and they can create toxic fumes. Always make sure to wear special goggle and a respirator mask. Take two buckets. One should be filled with stripping solution while the other should only contain clean water. Use a mop to apply stripping solution on the floor. You can use a wet vacuum or auto scrubber to remove the stripping solution. Wash your floor using a wet mop and a bucket of clean water.

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