Simple tricks for cleaning your carpet

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Simple tricks for cleaning your carpet

It is needless to say that carpet cleaning is extremely important for both the appearance of your home and the overall health of your family. Carpet needs a regular and proper maintenance and that can be a tiresome chore which requires a lot of time. Of course, calling a professional to do a deep-down cleaning every six months is a must, but what about the everyday routine. There are some things you must do on daily bases in order to prolong the lifetime of your carpets and make your home a healthy environment.  If you don’t have any knowledge about carpet cleaning, don’t worry.  If you follow these simple rules, you won’t have to worry about your carpets.

  1. Vacuum your carpet

Make sure to use your vacuum cleaner every day.Importance of regular vacuuming is immense. It removes dirt and dust from the surface of your carpet.

  1. Use a clean white cloth for the spots

Before you do anything else, make sure to blot all the fresh spills. After that use a carpet cleaning product for the fabric of your carpet to remove all visible stains.

  1. Shampoo your carpet


Before you to the shampooing, you have to vacuum the carpet and remove all visible stains. Although shampooing can remove grimes from your carpet it can also set stains even deeper.

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