How to clean upholstery in 15 minutes

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How to clean upholstery in 15 minutes




Whether you want to prolong the life of you precious furniture or get rid of all that dirt, bacteria and microbes before they become a part of your upholstery and home, it is important to maintain the hygiene of you upholstery furniture. Time is money and if you have little time to spend on cleaning your home, we know the smartest way to spend it. Effective upholstery cleaning in less than 15 minutes? Yes, it is possible. Just follow these simple tips.

  1. Make sure ti vacuum your upholstery first

Before you do anything else make sure to use a vacuum cleaner first. It can remove all the dirt and dust from the surface of your upholstery. This p[art of cleaning will take 3 minutes.

  1. Act fast

In case any spills occur, you need to act fast before it gets soaked into the furniture. Any excess liquids on your furniture should be dried out with a dry towel before you start removing the stains. Drying out spills can take 30 seconds.

  1. Know your upholstery

Different types of fabric require different care. You have to know the material of your upholstery. If you can’t recognize the material by yourself, make sure to look for the tag before you do anything else. Cleaning your upholstery with a brush and appropriate cleaning detergent takes 11 minutes.

  1. Don’t be afraid to spend a dollar more for a proper care

No matter what you do or how hard you try, nothing can replace the care your furniture gets if you hire a professional to do the cleaning for you. The problem with filthy upholstery is not skin deep. Your problem lives deep inside your furniture outside your reach. You can hardly get rid of the bacteria and microbes by rubbing the surface of the furniture with a piece of cloth. Calling Upholstery Cleaning Arlington to help you takes only 20 seconds.

You decide.

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